Open Today till sold out. We Have apricot seconds for cooking or jam $10 bags and $5.00 Bags . Please bring the correct change. The Orange Reds, at this stage are not looking so good. We are doing the best we can, but the Weather has been terrible for Stone Fruit. We will NOT be open every day due to a lack of supply from weather damage. Thanks


Sorry, here are still no Apricots ripe, The heavy rain from Mid December has caused extensive skin damage. We are waiting to see what the Orange/Reds delicate Skins do but at this stage not looking too good. I will update when we have something worth selling. The weather is not consistent , which does not help. Please check this web page for the next up date, at this stage will be Wednesday 29th. Thank you

Due to the heavy rain last week we will be close for a few days, the rain has damaged the first and second variety crops and are not worth picking – we now need to wait for the next crop to ripen. We are hoping this will be Wednesday but may take longer. I will up date when they are ripe enough to sell, Its all up the the weather. Thanks